Archē - is the Greek word for beginning, origin, source of action.

From Seed to Storehouse

717 Archē is the charitable arm of Field of Dreams Church. It was created for the purpose of providing support to one another and the wider community.
Contained within the charity is our Community Farm, Homeschool Hub, Business Network and Storehouse.

717 – marks the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month the ark came to rest upon the mountains of Ararat. 

Archē – is  the Greek word for beginning, origin, source of action.

God spoke to us in multiple ways about living in the reality of operating as an ark and also what it means to be a Joseph Company. A company of believers that would find solutions and provision in Him for the sake of people and the land, especially when it is in lack. He is our source! To be a company of people that would place our empty jars out and believe that the Lord would supply the oil for light and the sustaining of the people. 

Community Farm

The Community Farm, located in Hay Valley, consist of acres of land that have been generously provided to us to cultivate for the produce of vegetables, fruits & eggs. We sowed our first seeds on 10 December 2021 and saw our first harvest in February 2022. 

The Farm is maintained and looked after by a group of faithful volunteers, with the produce going towards the Storehouse for our community.

Homeschool Hub

The Homeschool Hub is a place for parents of homeschool children to connect and to share resources, ideas and encouragement. Homeschool children are also given opportunities to meet together socially and on organised excursions.

Available as part of Business Network, is a directory of services from those with experience in the education sector, such as teachers and support workers. 

Business Network

The Business Network is a place of connecting with and supporting the local businesses, services and skills in our community. It was created to be an avenue for us to access available resources and solutions; and for us to build and support one another in the community. 

A directory of available businesses, services and skills has been provided, and will be updated as new services become available. 


The Storehouse is the ‘storeroom’ of fresh produce and non-perishable essential items, for the purpose of being a blessing to our community. 

Fresh produce form the Community Farm, together contributions—items and financial support—from our church family goes towards Care Packages to help provide relief to those in the community who find themselves in a pinch in the time we are in. 

See what our volunteers have been up to

Sign up to become a volunteer

Our Community Farm has an 8 week rotating roster for groups to go help sow, reap and do some weeding as needed in a convenient 2hr time slot on Saturdays 9.30-11.30am. This means volunteering is easy and you’ll be rostered on once every 8 weeks, unless you’re happy to go up more regularly ofcourse. The more the merrier! If you would like to volunteer in another capacity, please use the comment/message section below to give us some more details.

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation to our charity arm, please see our dedicated banking details below:

Name: Field of Dreams Australia
BSB: 035-006
Acc No: 370125
Swift Code: WPACAU2S