Healing Rooms

Thank the Lord! Praise his name! Tell the nations what he has done. Let them know how mighty he is!

Isaiah 12:4


Healing Rooms run every Sunday from 1-1.30pm in the sanctuary at church and also online via our Facebook page every Wednesday afternoon at 4pm ACDT. Here are some testimonies from people who have experienced God move in their lives through this ministry over the years. If you have experienced a miracle or healing in your own life from being present online or in person at FOD, please share with us so we can celebrate with you.

Yesterday I hopped on to watch the livestream during an afternoon siesta. 

For the past 4 weeks I’ve been struggling with a mystery virus that I haven’t been able to shake, I keep relapsing, have swollen glands, and am constantly tired. I can only manage  2 hours of activity at a time before needing to rest (and rest for over an hour!). 

When Daryl gave a word of knowledge about a woman watching, in her early 40s with a virus, swollen glands, fatigued, and also had a neck injury/whiplash – well I knew then it was me.  

The whiplash is from an accident I had in June last year (slipped, fell forward and banged my head on a shipping container, then rebounded back, landing awkwardly on my back). It wasn’t serious but since then, I haven’t been able to turn my neck as far, my shoulder has been constantly sore, and I have been  unable to sleep at night on my right side. Most nights I wake up in pain or with pins and needles when I turn in my sleep on to my right side. 

I was in shock yesterday listening to the session which is part of the reason why I didn’t identify myself – that and I keep a very low profile.  But I was mainly in shock! 

I didn’t feel anything straight away but something shifted overnight! 

When I woke up this morning, my glands weren’t swollen and sore to touch anymore. My ears are unblocked and not hurting. 

The fatigue has lifted and I even managed a full day of activity without needing to constantly rest –  no siestas today! 

And the best part is that for the first time in over a year, I was able to sleep and roll over on to my right side  without waking up from pain or pins and needles! I know this because I woke up on my right side. And this morning, I noticed that I can move my neck and shoulder more freely without pain and restriction!!!

Praise the Lord!! It’s so amazing!!! So many healings!!!

Thank you all for pressing in and for the healing rooms ministry. I am so grateful and hope the above encourages you. And most of all, thank you Jesus – You are my Healer. 


I can’t quite remember how I found Field of Dreams but I believe I was listening to Charlie Shamp and he had a podcast with Pastor Todd. This was a few years ago and one night I was awake in the middle of the night and I found the live prayer room on my Tuesday at 2am Seattle time.

At the time my granddaughter was suffering from a chronic illness and was very sick. I put in my prayer request live and when they prayed for her I was so filled with anointing I new she would get better and she need. Then I found myself being woken up or unable to sleep when there was a need in the family or friends and I would put in my prayer request and see more and more of my prayers being answered. I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during these healing room prayer times so often.

Yesterday I began to have this strange pain in both my hips with a painful sensation going down my legs. I was so excited to still be awake in the middle of the night and put in my request for myself. When healing touched me I felt like I got zapped, but I have no pain in my legs or my hips anymore! Praise you Lord Jesus! And thank you FOD healing room for standing in prayer with me and for me! 

Kathy Rietz

Baby Claire Healed

Hello, Field of Dreams Healing Room, 
I am writing with an update and testimony of fully restored health for Baby Claire of Ottawa, ON, Canada. 
Baby Claire was due June 14, 2022. Due to severe complications, brain, organ, eye, and multiple other bleeds, in the womb, Claire was delivered at 28 weeks at 2.5 lbs. There were so many struggles and opportunities for healing. In ICU all that time, on ventilators, interrupted breathing, intubated for feeding. Intermittent bleeding. Praise God for His Goodness. Praise God that Erika was able to keep producing milk and baby thrived on it through it all. 

Thank you to all who prayed for baby Claire. At 10 weeks old May 17th (still 2 weeks before her due date) she was finally able to go home to be in her own home with Mum, Erika & Dad, Todd, and big brother Carter (2yrs). We are thrilled and sooo thankful to God for His healing touch and His goodness.

Thank you so very much for believing with us, for her healing. Her Dad lets it slip from his mouth and calls her Grace! Baby Claire Grace is now 1 month old. Happy and thriving! The loving trust that “all is well”, has been established. Thank you so much for your Healing Ministry, bless you each and every one!  

Much Love from Canada

Breast Cancer

In December I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Prior to this news Mark 16:18 had kept popping up continuously. “…..and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all….”. I knew I was being pre-warned, and that Jesus was reassuring me, though at the time I had no idea what it was going to relate to.

In the new year I had the lump surgically removed, with all pathology reports returning clear, and prepared myself for follow up radiotherapy. I had come to realise this ‘poison’ was the radiotherapy and that He wanted me to go through with treatment, with the promise I would be unharmed.

On Sunday 13 Feb, the day before treatment started, I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer. I asked for the intercessors to stand with me in declaring Mark 16:18 over me, which they did. I then lingered as the presence of God was so strong, I didn’t want to leave. While I was standing at the altar, I saw Jesus in the corner of my eye. He was smiling and holding in His hands a 3-dimensional, solid gold love heart. He then walked over to me and placed the heart over my chest and said this will protect you.

The gold element of the vision was so strong I knew it had significance. I researched as to whether there was any connection between gold and radiation, and there was!! Gold has a very high absorption of radiation! I sailed through radiation without any major side effects, except for an itchy rash that lasted 2 weeks. I was very grateful to God that I had no radiation fatigue, burning or lymphoedema. I put that chapter behind me and for the last 8 weeks have been getting on with my life, thankful for His hand of protection.

However today, this protection became very clear. I saw my breast surgeon for my routine post-surgery/ radiotherapy check-up. On examining the area, he was gobsmacked. Unbeknownst to me, the tissue was still supposed to be swollen with excess fluid, thickened, looking, and feeling like dark orange peel because of the radiation. He exclaimed, “You are completely normal!!!” and I was like, “Aren’t I supposed to be by now?” “No, you’re not!” He kept shaking his head and saying in all the years he has seen women post radiotherapy, he has never ever seen someone who has healed this quickly! My breast was not supposed to look so unaffected. And I was just lying there thinking wow that golden heart really did work! Praise Him.

Helen Birch

Perthes Disease

I came to the healing service 2 years ago with my son Micah (now 5 years old). He had been diagnosed with Perthes Disease (a degeneration of the hip bone in childhood. In his case the hip bone regenerates after 2 years or so), by an orthopaedic surgeon.

We were told that for the next 3 years he would not be able to play sport, go on a trampoline etc., that I would need to push him in a pusher as much as possible and that he would be in a lot of pain with some days where he would not be able to walk due to the pain.

I gave this over to God and I found this church that is willing to have elders pray over people (our current church does not do this). Thanks and praise to God as Michah has had no pain and has been able to do all things! Despite what the doctor said, God is in control.


Adrenal fatigue

In mid May I was diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue after many months of a variety of symptoms.

I was no longer able to work five full days a week at my business and lost a lot of work.

I used to tell people that the good thing about this situation was that I had to develop the habit of checking with God every half hour about what I should do next, as if I tried to do anything extra than what he told me to I would run out of energy.

I could continue to work and manage each day only by having a nap after lunch – if I didn’t do this I was almost like a zombie, barely functioning and certainly not able to work productively. I would talk to people about my lack of energy.

In mid May I felt like God said to me that my condition would be sorted by mid to the end of November – I told several people. Other family members had taken a year to recover from a similar condition and others like Kerryn M. had taken a lot longer.

So now it was 30th November and nothing much had changed but I was gong to go FOD in person that night.

And then Todd said at the beginning of his message that he was going to pray for people to have an increase in energy and at the end of the service he did.

The next day was not a very busy one and I did not feel that I needed to “collapse” and have a nap after lunch! But the day after that was very busy and again, I did not need to stop and rest.

This has now continued for the following three days so I thank Todd for being obedient and I praise God for continued healing.


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