I came to the healing service 2 years ago with my son Micah (now 5 years old). He had been diagnosed with Perthes Disease (a degeneration of the hip bone in childhood. In his case the hip bone regenerates after 2 years or so), by an orthopaedic surgeon.

We were told that for the next 3 years he would not be able to play sport, go on a trampoline etc., that I would need to push him in a pusher as much as possible and that he would be in a lot of pain with some days where he would not be able to walk due to the pain.

I gave this over to God and I found this church that is willing to have elders pray over people (our current church does not do this). Thanks and praise to God as Michah has had no pain and has been able to do all things! Despite what the doctor said, God is in control.