Upcoming Events

Calling all Creatives

Saturday 24 Feb | 10am-12pm in the Chapel

Join us at our next creative meeting on Saturday 24th February, 10am in the Chapel. As always, if you are able, please bring a plate to share for morning tea.

It will be a great time together!

Javier & Yanina Arancibia

Sunday 3 March | 10.30am + 3pm Service

Join us on Sunday the 3rd of March at FOD for our two services where we will once again be hosting our family from Argentina. Invite a friend to come along and expect the Lord to do a miracle in your life!

Darren Canning

Tuesday Night 12 March |  7.30pm

Join us on Tuesday night the 12th of March with guest speaker Darren Canning.

Darren is a writer, artist and revivalist preacher who has a heart for revival and believes that God will touch lives deeply wherever he goes. He teaches on hearing the voice of God and experiencing the supernatural.

Darren’s life was touched powerfully through an encounter with God and he was transformed from an Atheist to a believer in a moment. He knows that if others experience God this way then they too will be changed forever. Invite a friend!

Flashlight Youth

Term 1 Dates

Please take note of the following dates for Term 1 of Flashlight Youth:
  • 10th & 24th February
  • 9th & 23rd March
  • 6th April
For more information, speak to Kate.

Tabernacle of David

Thu & Friday Nights | 7-8.30pm

Join us in the FOD sanctuary 2 nights a week as we praise and lift up God’s name together. There is no worship team or teaching, this is simply a time to bring a sacrifice of praise and worship together as a corporate body and see God move in our midst. God is looking for true worshippers in Spirit and in Truth.