Hello, Field of Dreams Healing Room, 
I am writing with an update and testimony of fully restored health for Baby Claire of Ottawa, ON, Canada. 
Baby Claire was due June 14, 2022. Due to severe complications, brain, organ, eye, and multiple other bleeds, in the womb, Claire was delivered at 28 weeks at 2.5 lbs. There were so many struggles and opportunities for healing. In ICU all that time, on ventilators, interrupted breathing, intubated for feeding. Intermittent bleeding. Praise God for His Goodness. Praise God that Erika was able to keep producing milk and baby thrived on it through it all. 

Thank you to all who prayed for baby Claire. At 10 weeks old May 17th (still 2 weeks before her due date) she was finally able to go home to be in her own home with Mum, Erika & Dad, Todd, and big brother Carter (2yrs). We are thrilled and sooo thankful to God for His healing touch and His goodness.

Thank you so very much for believing with us, for her healing. Her Dad lets it slip from his mouth and calls her Grace! Baby Claire Grace is now 1 month old. Happy and thriving! The loving trust that “all is well”, has been established. Thank you so much for your Healing Ministry, bless you each and every one!  

Much Love from Canada