In mid May I was diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue after many months of a variety of symptoms.

I was no longer able to work five full days a week at my business and lost a lot of work.

I used to tell people that the good thing about this situation was that I had to develop the habit of checking with God every half hour about what I should do next, as if I tried to do anything extra than what he told me to I would run out of energy.

I could continue to work and manage each day only by having a nap after lunch – if I didn’t do this I was almost like a zombie, barely functioning and certainly not able to work productively. I would talk to people about my lack of energy.

In mid May I felt like God said to me that my condition would be sorted by mid to the end of November – I told several people. Other family members had taken a year to recover from a similar condition and others like Kerryn M. had taken a lot longer.

So now it was 30th November and nothing much had changed but I was gong to go FOD in person that night.

And then Todd said at the beginning of his message that he was going to pray for people to have an increase in energy and at the end of the service he did.

The next day was not a very busy one and I did not feel that I needed to “collapse” and have a nap after lunch! But the day after that was very busy and again, I did not need to stop and rest.

This has now continued for the following three days so I thank Todd for being obedient and I praise God for continued healing.