Aligning with the Son

Todd Weatherly Senior Leader, Field of Dreams Church

Earlier in the year, I was talking to one of our “in house” prophets, and they were sharing with me an unusual supernatural phenomena that had been happening to them for months. On a regular basis they were seeming to “go into the future”, and they didn’t understand what it all meant. The common denominator to these encounters was that in 2019, they would always go to the future in February 2020. During this conversation, the Holy Spirit fell on both of us as I received the interpretation to this encounter. The Lord started to explain to me the significance of 2020 being a leap year and the heavenly grace for us to ‘play catch up” on scrolls, destinies and timelines.

A typical year is approximately 365 + 1/4 days, so every four years there is an extra day added to February in order to synchronise our calendar year with the solar year. In other words, there has to be time added in order to align us to the sun. I believe that this year, 2020, there is an accentuated grace and heavenly provision for us to, through corrections, allow God to bring our destinies and timelines into perfect harmony with the SON of GOD.

Prior to this interpretation and word for this year, the Lord had shown us the HOW before this word declared the WHY. In these days, when it would seem that everything is so shaky and that history defining moments and incidents are happening so regularly, God’s people have to walk in the sort of faith that sees the “impossible” become possible on a regular basis. This can only happen as we walk and grow in faith. What many of us have forgotten is that we cannot believe until we repent. 

“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” Mark 1:15 NKJV

We know that repentance comes from the word “metanoia”, and that its primary definition is to change how we think so radically that it impacts our conduct. This then leads us into a deeper process for us to be utterly transformed through the renewing of the mind in order to “prove” Gods will. While this seems like a building block for normal Christian living, many acknowledge this and move onto the next thing without ever fully or even adequately engaging this process.

To constantly study, think upon and meditate on God’s Word, promises and truths is the most radical and invasive thing that anyone will ever do. It is the gateway to transfiguration level glory, and if we think we can forgo it for other activities, then we will get stuck in a world of limitations and become subservient to circumstances rather than take dominion over them. 

If, in this season, we accept the invitation to engage in repentance and renewal, then it will cause us in this leap year to LEAP like a deer (Isaiah 35:6, daw-lag) supernaturally in exactly the way David could supernaturally leap over an obstacle (2 Sam 22:30, a wall), and that the Beloved supernaturally leaped upon the mountains in the Song of Songs.