Bravehearts of South Australia

Lana Vawser – Prophet & Author

“Adelaide I am putting you back on the map”  

Watch for the Kingdom influence beginning to increase and the influencers beginning to arise into position like never before. A mighty rising of Kingdom entrepreneurs will arise from within Adelaide in this new era in significant increase and acceleration to bring REFORMATION to Adelaide.

Adelaide, you are about to be marked by a MOVE OF GOD!!”

“People of God get your lamps ready and your houses in order! I AM CAUSING YOU ADELAIDE TO AWAKE!!!”

I kept seeing a battle over Adelaide to keep it “locked down” and I heard the words “In the spirit there’s been a great opposition against the move of My Spirit in Adelaide. Where the battle has raged for generations to keep it locked, I am decreeing that Adelaide is being baptised in an anointing to UNLOCK. You have not been broken Adelaide, but now you shall be known as the city that BREAKS AND SHAKES!!!!

I am UNLOCKING Adelaide. I am UNLOCKING what has been long held. I am UNLOCKING that which has been stored up for such a time as this. Adelaide you are a key to bring unlocking in Australia and to see the ROAR OF JUSTICE go forth.”

Vision: Lion of Judah standing over South Australia and He was ROARING. A ROAR of Justice is growing. The BIRTHING, SHAKING and RESHAPING is taking place now. A mighty ROAR of My Spirit to release JUSTICE is being released. There is a SUDDEN unlocking taking place in the Spirit over Adelaide. The BANKS are breaking over Adelaide to see the tidal wave of My Spirit released.

“Camels are coming to South Australia bringing provision for His vision”

A spirit of death has been assigned to hold Adelaide in captivity but the prayers of the saints have arisen and a great shaking is taking place over Adelaide and South Australia to be a state that releases RESURRECTION LIFE. Adelaide you shall be KNOWN FOR life and RELEASE life.

In many ways Adelaide you have been hidden, but now is the time for your REVEAL.

MIGHTY demonstrations of My power shall flow from THIS PLACE that will cause the nation to AWAKE!

“Awake, awake O you sleeper.


The King of Glory is coming! (Psalm 24:7-9)