Posture like Elisha

Christina Theodosiadis – Emerging Prophet, Ministry Co-ordinator Field of Dreams Church

Recently I was woken during the early hours of the morning with a song in my spirit that was just this one line being sung over and over – “My soul magnifies the Lord”

I didn’t understand why I would be woken at 4.30am with these words in my spirit so I decided to wait upon the Lord for it to unfold.

Later that morning in worship I began to engage with the recent revelation Todd Weatherly released that we were in a time of Visitation.  As soon as I connected with that word I felt a realm open and I began to experience emotions that were foreign but familiar at the same time.  I knew I was connecting with a part of the Father’s heart that was so paternal and ancient in nature that I felt as though, for a brief moment, I was in a place of my very origin; a place untouched.

I felt the AWE of my Creator in my midst.

I felt His DESIRE to come and visit His people.

As all of this began to unfold I went straight into an encounter that completely overwhelmed me and I began to cry out to God saying “Don’t forget my household!”

This surprised me as it sprung up from the very depths of my soul, and almost contradictory to the knowledge that He was near.  My mind tried to reason saying ‘why would you need to ask for Him to not forget your household if you KNOW we’re in a time of visitation?’

But I couldn’t deny that a part of my heart that was so deep had cried out before my thoughts could even process the information which was being spoken out.  Words that bypassed all of my conscious filters. 

It was deep calling unto deep, and in it I understood the difference between visitation and outpouring.

What I’m about to share took place in the one encounter and has impacted my life greatly.  I believe this word will help people engage with the Father in this time of Visitation.


When I cried out to God saying “Don’t forget my household!” He answered  “Look out for Me in the early hours of the morning” and I knew He meant the fourth watch.

He said He’d appear on a Chariot of Fire.  I knew He didn’t mean a literal chariot, although I didn’t want to take my chances by not heeding the word!

I saw that He had many gifts on the chariot with Him, and I knew they represented miracles and provision that people need in this season.  To my surprise He began to explain to me that the concept of Santa Clause is a direct perversion of what a visitation looks like.  He said “I come in the early hours bearing gifts for My people but unlike the counterfeit tradition of Santa which is designed to bring people into agreement with slumber, I WANT to be encountered.  I want people to wait in EXPECTATION and FIND me.”

So I purposed to get up at 3am the following morning to wait and see how I would encounter the chariot.  I didn’t see anything but He began to speak to me clearly.

He said “When was the last time I sent a chariot of fire to the earth?” 

I said “Elijah” 

He said “And what did Elisha do before that” 

I said “Followed him everywhere and didn’t take his eyes off of him because he knew his time was coming to an end soon and he wanted his double portion”

He said “Yes, and that’s what I meant when I said I’d appear as a chariot and asked you to look out for me in the early mornings.  POSTURE YOURSELF LIKE AN ELISHA

I then understood the gifts He was bringing.  

In 2 Kings 2:9-10 Elisha had asked for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, to which Elijah replies “if you see me when I am taken from you, then it shall be so for you..”

Elisha received the very thing he had purposed and contended for when he postured himself by focusing wholly on his master and not taking his eyes off of him.

I was blown away by this revelation pertaining to this visitation and asked “when will the time be for the -“ but before I could finish my sentence the answer came strong and clear:


As soon as He said this I knew it was true and I felt the urgency for people to understand the season and time we are in and it is our day of visitation!  We need to posture ourselves with hostile intent (like Elisha) for the things we’re believing or contending for because HE DESIRES to give it to us, He comes bearing gifts!


I asked Him what the visitation looks like for Him, how does He choose to visit?

He showed me He looks for the light of people’s lanterns, those who wait in EXPECTATION.

I understood this was a direct reference to Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25.

Then I felt Him stand before me and He said “Open your heart.”

As He said this I understood my responsibility in this part of the visitation.  I had to CHOOSE to open my heart before Him, He didn’t/wouldn’t attempt to access my heart by force.

As my heart began to open I saw it was a gate that let a light shine out from within.  The more the gate opened the brighter the light that shone forth. 

He showed me that the light of the virgin’s lanterns were not just fuelled by the Holy Spirit, but it is also dependant on how open our hearts are to Him.  That’s why it’s a VISITATION and not an INVASION.

He said “Notice I didn’t open it, you had to open it”

He said to me “AN OPEN HEART IS LIKE AN OPEN SCROLL.  The vision is plain/easy to see.  I’m the architect that visits the open plans/blueprint and make adjustments to the build where necessary, according to the plans.”

I understood that a designer/architect can only work from open plans, and adjustments to a build project can only be done when there are plans to refer to.

I saw many hearts are like rolled up scrolls; they’re closed.  

He said “Many people are trying to navigate life with a closed map, and they don’t realise their lanterns have no light”.

This is a revelation that I believe is imperative in this season and also holds keys of deeper levels of freedom and intimacy with the Lord.  The reality is our hearts are territory within us that we steward, and in that we have freedom of choice as to how much of our hearts we yield to the Lord for Him to make adjustments as necessary.


As I stood in His presence weeping over everything He had just shown me, my attention was drawn to angelic activity that was taking place in my backyard.

I saw angels descending on my yard two-by-two carrying large white magnolias.  I saw them lay the giant flowers on the ground and open up the petals so it lay open and displayed in their fullness.  

I saw that these white magnolias acted as a ‘landing’ pad to signal where the presence of the Father might rest in a visitation.  Like the lights that illuminate an airport runway at night, to guide the planes.

In modern culture, white magnolias are often used in bridal bouquets as they’re thought to symbolise the purity and nobility of the bride!

I felt Him say that we can’t ‘fake’ the lantern lights in order to encounter Him in this visitation, it’s something that we must cultivate and it requires partnership with the angelic and heavenly hosts that only move on His word so it can’t be ‘manufactured’ (Psalm 103:20).

Then He reminded me about the song I had in my spirit when I woke the previous morning…..MY SOUL MAGNIFIES THE LORD

He said it’s only when we intentionally magnify Him with our being/soul – the part of us that interfaces with our daily lives – that we truly have MAGNIFIED HIM in our lives and this is what makes a demand on Heaven!

Just like Mary sang those very words in Luke 1:46 and proclaimed the favour and blessing of the Lord in her life as He did for Abraham.

This is what causes the angelic to move on His word of promise and visitation and bring the spiritual magnolias.  

It’s something we can’t manufacture or ‘make happen’ on our own strength.  It requires a posturing like that of Elisha, a posturing with hostile intent.

It requires a decision for your SOUL TO MAGNIFY THE LORD and enjoy the favour and blessing He has promised for those who love Him!