Judgement is not a dirty word

Christina Theodosiadis Emerging Prophet, Ministry Co-ordinator Field of Dreams Church

During an encounter recently I saw a river run across before me.

Stretched lengthwise out over the river was a document resembling a scroll. I saw that the document had been torn in two, the rent running through it from end to end, causing each piece of the scroll to rest on opposite sides of the riverbank.

I did not understand what the imagery meant but then I felt the Holy Spirit ask me to look at the vision through His eyes.  When I did this, I saw that the scroll wasn’t a paper document at all, but was actually a type of mantle made of a bandage-type material that immediately gave me the impression that it could be mended due to the texture and coarseness of the material.

Then I received the following download:

The scroll I had initially seen at the beginning of the vision was a Judgement Word from the Lord.  The tearing of the word represented a split that would be caused in the body when a prophet released a Judgement Word to the body.  One side of the riverbank represented those who would yield to the Word of the Lord and the other side of the riverbank represented those who would not.

The layers of the download continued…

When the Holy Spirit asked me to look at the same scene through HIS EYES I saw that the true design/purpose of the Word was made of a substance which would mend that which had been torn/damaged.  He showed me that when we look at His Judgement through His eyes we see that the purpose of His judgement is to bring a mending, realignment and justice. However if we look at His judgement through our own filters we will only ever see it as a letters on paper, inscribed on a material that is fragile and easily torn/destroyed. His Judgements are viewed as punitive when not seen through His eyes and without understanding His heart.

The third layer to this vision was this:

When I saw the scroll through His eyes it represented a ‘mantle’ and I felt Him say He’s raising prophets in this day that will bring necessary Judgement Words of the Lord designed to bring correction to see His church realigned to His purposes.  I felt Him say that He’s bringing back prophets to the body that will be like the Old Testament prophets, and that their words will either be received and applied or fall on deaf ears. 

Although there was an initial tear caused by the judgement word I felt the overarching plan and design of this mantle and move of the Holy Spirit was to reunite the body through correction and repentance.

I then saw a set of scales. He showed me that we must use ‘HONEST’ scales, and not ones that are counter-weighted by things that are self-serving or self-preserving.

See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and the throw down, to build and to plant.

Jeremiah 1:10

God’s motivation through the prophetic is always love towards His people – however judgement words are designed to pull down structures, lies and error that are destroying people – THEN to build and plant.