Take the airwaves

Rachel Weatherly Co-Editor of ‘Prophet’s Page’ & Senior Leader, Field of Dreams Church

I recently had an encounter with the eyes of the eagle and the eyes of the owl – I knew that the Lord was showing me that we were entering into a season of the prophetic being landed with wisdom. I was also reminded of an encounter a month or so prior where the Lord had challenged me.  He said to me “If I call you to stand with others and in team do I have your yes”. That was easy for me – I love working in team and said “of course”. He then asked “if I call you to stand alone, do I have your yes?”. I immediately felt strongly that there is a season upon us where it may feel like we are standing alone and exposed – individually as prophets or corporately as the body, but he always deserves our yes.

I heard the Lord then say it is “time for the battle of the birds”. There has been a shift in our State to another level of glory and another level of authority of the Ecclesia. I saw that this was because of the unified stand taken for Life and Righteousness. But as we shifted up we had also come up into an inhabited  territory – a highly contested territory that the enemy did not want to hand over. 

The battle of the birds is the contending for the territory but primarily a battle of the air and the air waves. There is an invitation for the fervent prayer of the saints to go up, there is an invitation for the radical worship to rise, there is a invitation for us as the bride to stand for righteousness in the schools and government and in every mountain and every sphere of influence – to declare the GOOD NEWS of the Lord and disempower the agenda of the enemy to terrorise the airwaves.

Take the air!