The bride must shine in the darkness

Adam F Thompson – Prophet & Author

Scripture clearly tells us that God speaks to us in dreams and visions. The apostle Peter, quoting the book of Joel, tells us: In the last days, God says, I will pour forth of My Spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.’ (Acts 2: 17 NASB).  It is vital, therefore, that we have a foundational understanding of the Word in order to interpret the rhema voice of God in dreams and visions.

In the last week I had a vivid dream encounter where I was sitting in the huge auditorium of a church. Many of the people around me were individuals I knew from my Pentecostal background. It was unusual – even strange – for me to be in the congregation and not ministering on the podium. I saw it as being in a place of humility – something that God is bringing to His peoples’ attention; there has never been a more strategic time to be emptied of self (1 Peter 5:6 NKJ). So here I was, five rows back from the podium, next to an older woman who I recognized as having a beautiful spirit.

I saw that Adrian Beale was ministering from the pulpit, laying hands on people who were going down in the Power. I was thinking, ‘Cool! Love what’s happening!’ Behind him on the platform was a group of leaders who were uncomfortable with what was happening. They were playing it down; re-acting out of feelings of insecurity. Then a beautiful woman came onto the platform and, from where I was sitting, I began to prophesy in a loud voice to her. But what I intended to speak came out differently. I meant to say that she was becoming an intercessor, but instead, I heard myself saying, ‘It’s a time when you’re coming to a place of interstellar. You are called to be an interstellar.’ People began to laugh and mock me, including the leaders on the platform. I felt foolish and embarrassed. But the older woman sitting next to me said, ‘This is the true word of the Lord. Don’t worry.’ I believe this older woman represents the Holy Spirit.

At this point I came out of the dream encounter, puzzled by the word, ‘interstellar’. I’d heard of it, but I had to do a search to know that it means ‘a realm between solar systems’. This realm is very dark and very cold.  There’s a parable in this. God speaks to us in parables – as did Jesus with His disciples – so that we will search out the mystery of them and be drawn into intimacy with Him. 

Let me make it plain that what God showed me in this parable is not a criticism of any particular denomination or church, but a picture of the universal church. The woman on the platform represents the Bride of Christ. I also see that God was playing with language and layers of meaning in the two words, intercessor and interstellar, to give understanding of what is taking place as a result of Covid19 and the lockdown. We are seeing easing of restrictions on bars, hotels, restaurants, public transport, and even brothels, but places of worship are not being allowed the same freedoms. I do believe Covid19 is real, but the evil principality over it, in cooperation with Media, has engineered fear in people’s hearts to cause economic and social disruption. Fear is the reverse of faith. It attracts the demonic power of chaos.

It is time for the Bride of Christ to intercede because, metaphorically, we are leaving the solar system and going into the interstellar, that cold and dark place. This is descriptive of the end times as portrayed by Jesus in Matthew 24, when the love of many will grow cold, where there’s no love, and hearts are hardened. The darkness is obviously the demonic realm trying to oppress the Church. But here’s the good news. As darkness increases, so shall the glory of God. The Church will arise and shine! (Isaiah 60).

As the Church goes through this place of darkness, things are not going to be as we knew them. As always, the enemy uses political leaders – particular those who are over national governmental roles; those who control the new world order – to oppress the people of God. But in the darkness, the Bride will shine. As we come together in intercession and intimacy with heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, through Holy Spirit, we will reflect His light and multitudes will be drawn to it.

In reflecting Him we will see our identity in Him, which gives us the ability to walk in authority. This is when we realise the Kingdom of God is above the systems of the world, not under them. Fear has caused many believers to be caught up in the world’s system, which is the seed-line of Esau rather than that of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. From Genesis 27 we know that Isaac imparted to Jacob God’s blessing that would be the ‘dew of heaven and earth’s richness in wine and grain, and nations to serve you.’ The Church is transitioning into a governmental role on earth, with authority over leaders. 

Many Old Testament prophets are the prototype of what the Bride will look like. When the Spirit of Elijah and the governmental role of Daniel and Joseph comes upon the Bride she will move in great intercessory power. She will run ahead of the ‘chariots’ of earthly government because she sees the ‘rain’ coming (1 Kings 18 NKJ). The Bride is coming into that place of great shiftings, moving of mountains and the manifested glory of God. As in the time of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel, many national leaders are going to be listening to the wisdom and revelatory knowledge carried by the Church. And they will be undone. The Church will have its rightful place on earth, with authority to govern and release the revelation of the Kingdom of God.

To come into the fulness of this, the Bride will experience a transition through the interstellar realm of darkness into a new solar system of glory and a great outpouring. The Church will look so beautiful as the Spotless Bride (Ephesians 5:27 NASB) that the Bridegroom is coming back for (Revelation 19:7).

I want to encourage God’s people with the hope of the future for the Bride, but I want us to be in no doubt that it is for us to shine in darkness. Not to fall apart in fear, but to come into that place of intercession, in deeper and deeper intimacy with our heavenly Father.