Madison Ruehlemann
Maddie has been a part of our church for five years and is now a valuable member of our staff. She is an emerging prophetic voice and she had this prophetic encounter about Adelaide two years ago. We felt to share this as it is beginning to come to pass in intricate detail and the implications are significant locally, nationally and beyond.
– Todd Weatherly

During a trip to Orlando in 2017, the Lord spoke to me, saying that there was something to receive, specifically from geographical Orlando. He used the Scripture Isaiah 22:21, which speaks of the transfer of role and responsibility from one to another;

“I will clothe him with your robe
And strengthen him with your belt;
I will commit your responsibility into his hand.
He shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem
And to the house of Judah.” 

After the Lord had spoken this to me, I fell into a half sleep. Within this, the Lord brought me into a trance, in which a very large, very thick book was brought before me. There was no writing on the book’s cover, but instead a picture of Walt Disney’s original “Snow White” animation.

I knew nothing about Snow White, but researched, and discovered that Disney’s original Snow White animation was a pioneering creative venture in its time. It was innovative at a culture-changing level, inasmuch as it was deemed, “inventing a new art”. It was a “technological marvel that revolutionised the way animated films were made”, and is enshrined in the foundations of modern day animated motion pictures. In interpretation of the trance, I believe that the title of this book, in replacement of the Snow White image, could be “Creative Innovation” or “Creative Invention”. I believe the book itself is full of divine information pertaining to these things, and would even go as far as to say that this book is the very book of heavenly creative revelation that Walt Disney and his “imagineers” accessed (Romans 11:29), to be endowed with such insightful skill and creative wisdom, unto the production of the revolutionary firstfruit that Snow White is known to be (Exodus 36:1-2).

While still in Orlando, the home of DisneyWorld, I discovered that what we know today as “DisneyWorld Orlando” is not what Walt Disney originally intended to establish on that land. In the words of Disney himself, “the heart of everything we’ll be doing in DisneyWorld will be our Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow, we call it EPCOT.” It was explained to be a city the world’s eyes would be fixed upon; an ever-evolving “living blueprint of the future”, where new ideas, technologies, materials and systems would be birthed, trialed, and showcased. Within 2 months of filming the plans for public release, Walt Disney died, and the EPCOT project has since remained unfulfilled.

Fast forward some weeks, and I had returned to Adelaide. I was walking in my driveway, when I found a rolled up paper on the driveway ground. I was taken aback, because this paper, a receipt, was so carefully rolled up in resemblance of a scroll (Ezekiel 3:3), with the name “Disney” clearly visible on its exterior. Metaphorically, a car can represent a ministry/mandate. A driveway then, where cars await to be driven, can represent the place of mandates awaiting to be stepped into. I will return to this at the word’s end.

I later met with Todd Weatherly and began to share the previous. I had barely begun when, on mentioning the city of Orlando, Todd saw a golden carpet unrolling beside us, with the word “TOMORROWLAND” written upon it. For context, “Tomorrowland” is a movie about a place where “dreamers”, “all the genius’, the artists, the scientists, the smartest, most creative people in the world” unite to “build whatever they were crazy enough to imagine”. Astoundingly, and unbeknownst to Todd or I, “Tomorrowland” filmmakers drew inspiration from Walt Disney’s vision for EPCOT. In the days after this event, I unrolled the Disney “scroll” that I had found in my driveway. To give context to what I am about to say, DisneyWorld Orlando is comprised of 4 major parks. Within those parks, there are in excess of 30 minor worlds of which the parks are comprised. I was astounded because, when I unrolled the “scroll”, I discovered that the receipt’s origin was none other than the minor world… TOMORROWLAND.

If the dots the Lord has given here are joined, I believe the picture looks something like this…

The Lord left a “Disney scroll” in a driveway in Adelaide – from Tomorrowland, a world named after Disney’s EPCOT vision, and the VERY location in which EPCOT was intended to be constructed. In light of the driveway symbolism, this scroll is awaiting fulfilment. The Snow White/Creative Innovation scroll contains creative wisdom as accessed by Disney “imagineers” in the early phases of an innovative enterprise that would go on to attempt birthing the aforementioned EPCOT. I believe this creative wisdom is on offer for the Lord’s imagineers of this day, to build a type of EPCOT in Adelaide. Why would the Lord show me this Snow White/Creative Innovation scroll was available to be received from Orlando’s soil, and why would He physically manifest a scroll from EPCOT’s desired location on Adelaide soil? Because, in alignment with the Scripture He commenced this journey with, Isaiah 22:21, I believe the Lord is declaring a transfer of mandate. I believe that the city of Adelaide is marked by Him to become a type of what EPCOT never became in Orlando. In its original design, I believe a city such as EPCOT would be a manifestation of the cutting edge solution, inventiveness and innovation of which the kingdom of Heaven consists. It would be a city on a hill shining forth the vibrancy and brightness of the creativity of Heaven. For those who have seen it, in true Tomorrowland fashion, I believe the Lord is calling the heavenly “Dreamers” to engage with this mandate that awaits fulfilment, playing their own individual part in the likeness of those who were part of the rebuilding in Nehemiah, to build Him the City of His Dreams, a “living blueprint of the future”: Adelaide.