Remnant Rising

Susie Ruehlemann – South Australian Prophetic Voice

A word released at the South Australian Prophetic Council on the 10th of September, 2020.

On 11th of July 2020, I had a vivid dream encounter that I feel is relevant for the Church. I believe this dream is nuanced, with multiple layers of interpretation and signals the coming of a significant moment in time for the body of Christ.

In the dream, I was sitting with a group at a large square oak table. In my spirit, I knew the number around the table was twenty-four (Revelation 4:4), and Todd Weatherly, who was standing at the head, asked if anyone had a significant dream to share. I put up my hand and the table immediately became two, just as wood splits along the grain and straight down the centre, the group separated and again my spirit knew there were twelve on each side, metaphorically representing apostolic government. Genesis 49:28

I recognised two other people who were at my table, seated at Todd’s right.  The first was my eldest daughter who is currently studying Politics and International Relations, and I feel in the dream represents future Government. The other person highlighted to me was Ann Browne, who’s name means, “gracious and merciful” and together with myself, I feel metaphorically represent prophetic intercession. James 5:16

I saw drinking vessels on our table, that were pouring out clear water over the tables edge and onto the stone floor, forming a river of water that ran between the two tables.  Todd walked straight through the centre of the split between the two tables and over the water without slipping, and our table arose to follow him.

The scene changed and we were standing in an airport landing field. We all looked up and saw an amazing sight coming down from the heavens. We were in awe and extremely excited as we watched a huge white plane coming in to land, flanked by an FA18 Fighter Jet. The scene was impressive and not unlike watching the arrival of Air Force One.

Next to the field we were standing in, there was a second field completely surrounded by a very high chain mesh (chicken wire) fence.  A Christian woman whose name means, “God is my judge,” came running out from the field trying to get our attention. She spoke of all the exciting things that were going on in her field. The people in there were so focused on their field that they completely missed the plane and fighter jet coming in. We informed her that she had just missed a very significant moment but she didn’t seem phased or concerned at all that she had missed it, nor was she interested to hear any more about it because she was very distracted.

More people arrived to join our small group and I introduced them to my sister who’s name means “bright, radiant, shining,” and I believe represents the fully surrendered, Holy Spirit led Church. (Song 5:1) As soon as she took over and started addressing the group, the scene changed again and we were on board the plane.

My daughter stood up at the front to face the rest of the people on the plane and my brother who’s name means “beloved” was standing in the aisle next to me. I feel metaphorically he may represent Christ (Romans 8:29), as neither my sister nor brother in the dream looked any thing like my natural siblings.

I was seated at the window (1 Sam 9:9), and I noticed the Fighter Jet was flanking the plane and escorting us. I felt safe and excited and told people around me to take photos of it through the window with their phones since it was such a rare and spectacular site to see. As they did this, the plane accelerated and it felt like we were in a rocket that was ascending at extremely high speed. Some of the people on the plane began to suggest that the pilot needed to slow down, but I told them what was happening was truly incredible and not to fear.

Then the Pilot came out of the cockpit and he looked like a combination of my natural dad and the Captain in a mini series I used to watch. I knew in my spirit he represented the Father and he addressed us with a big smile and asked, “how is everyone, is everyone doing ok?” We all smiled, and gave him our “YES” in unison and then I awoke from the dream.

If the elements of the dream are to be interpreted, I believe the word of the Lord is as follows;

The square table speaks of the four corners of the earth as with the sheet in Peters trance in Acts 10:9-16. A table can represent a place of COMMUNION and FELLOWSHIP, ALIGNMENT, UNION and DOMINION. It was made of oak reflecting OAKS of RIGHTEOUSNESS, the PLANTING of the LORD that HE MAY BE GLORIFIED. Isaiah 61:3

The vessels of water on the table represent HEARTS and the river I felt represented those Jesus spoke of who are filled with the Holy Spirit; OUT OF THEIR HEARTS FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATER. John 7:38

I believe the Lord is showing the SPLIT may indicate TWO TYPES OF CHURCH GOVERNMENT COMING FORTH, and metaphorically may represent CHOICE as with Abraham (then Abram) and Lot. Genesis 13. Here the two separated and Abram dwelt in the land of Hebron in Canaan, and his nephew dwelt in the cities of the plain. Their CHOICES and a LACK of UNITY affected their outcomes and greatly impacted their destinies.

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” Amos 3:3

A few days after this dream, the Lord showed me a vision of the land He set before Abraham, and I knew in my spirit it was HIS COVENANT PROMISE and BLESSING FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST.

I feel like the Lord used Todd walking straight through the centre of the split to metaphorically indicate the split will be a GOD ORDAINED SEPARATION. The table to Todd’s right represents the ECCLESIA, the GOVERNMENTAL ASSEMBLY with their EYES ON THE LORD. They are the Romans 8 SONS OF GOD, A REMNANT who have given the Lord their “YES.”

I believe the two fields can be represented by the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25. Just as the foolish ones were running out of oil in their lamps, the field surrounded by the bondage of chain wire, speaks of a church focused on itself, trapped in legalism, earth bound and not looking to the things of the spirit thereby missing what the Lord is saying and doing in this hour.

During my time with the Lord recently, He said of the sleeping Church, “I GOD THE SOVEREIGN LORD HAVE TOLD THEM OFTEN TO AWAKE!” The meaning of the name of the person from the chain wire field highlights the JUDGEMENT OF THE LORD and I feel this dream demonstrates the URGENT need for the Church to make wise choices. It speaks of the consequences of being asleep in this hour, not paying attention and missing what the Spirit of God is doing. Those in that field did not board the plane but were left behind and remained in bondage.

Those in the field that looked to the plane had their eyes on the Lord and were like the wise virgins who had “OIL IN THEIR LAMPS” They were attentive to the Holy Spirit, and that action gave them access to board the plane and into a place of HIGH ALTITUDE and ACCELERATION.

Although there is a warfare component to fighter jets, I feel strongly that the FA18 in my dream represents the ANGELIC ESCORTS that God has assigned at the governmental level, and believe this dream encounter gives a snap shot of a significant future event.

What will happen is going to happen VERY QUICKLY and the TRAJECTORY and INCREASE will be mind blowing. I felt this dream was highlighting the need for the Church to ARISE, SPIRIT FILLED and PREPARED and I feel like the Lord is saying, the time is coming where CRITICAL CHOICES will lead to a DIVINE SEPARATION OF THE BODY OF CHRIST and in this AGE OF FULFILLMENT, GOD’S GRACE will EMPOWER HIS CHOSEN REMNANT. Romans 11:5